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Who Are We?

We are a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization of young and middle age Zambians dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of older persons in Zambia and uplifting their welfare and well being through advocacy and service delivery.

We work in the promotion of basic human rights of older people through advocacy, policy engagement, community participation, direct service delivery and other innovative approaches for sustainable livelihoods of older people.

More About Us

Support To Older People-Zambia (STOP-Zambia) is an organization established under the NGO Act of 2009, Registration Number RNGO/101/0546/15. It was registered on 26th December, 2015 in response to the National Ageing Policy by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, which called for concerted efforts from stakeholders to holistically address the various social and economic challenges faced by the majority of Zambians as they grow older.

Our Goal

To contribute to an improved standard of living among older persons in Zambia

What We Do

Research and Analysis

We undertake and support research and analysis on ageing and older persons’ situation as well as on laws, policies and programs meant to uplift the well being of older people to inform our advocacy


We advocate for the rights and wellbeing of all older persons through policy engagement and dialogue

Service Delivery

We provide, within our means, direct services to older people as well as their dependents in areas of need such as food and nutrition, water and sanitation, housing, access to health services and care

Current Operational Locations

Support the Cause for Older People

Every donation counts! No matter how small, it makes a huge difference in improving the wellbeing of poor and vulnerable Older People

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Current Strategic Direction

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What People Think

I am Boniface Katebe of Chimweme, Lusaka. I am a retiree and I have been one of the beneficiaries of this organisation, STOP-Zambia, for the past three years. As a retiree, they have taken most of my problems such as repairing my house and looking after me; they buy me foodstuff at times. So, I don't have much to say apart from thanking them for the work and assistance they've rendered to me since I joined the organisation.
Mr. Bornface Katebe
Ex-Civil Servant and STOP-Zambia beneficiary
“STOP-ZAMBIA is a organisation that gives pride in that there are young people in there that still have confidence in the old generation to be a source of wisdom and that they too deserve to live well even as they're enroot to exit. It is an organisation that even it was being launched, I was proud to be associated with its aspirations. STOP-ZAMBIA must continue to advocate for the rights our old people who dearly love.”
Mrs Mwaba Chileshe M’tonga
STOP-Zambia Member
"I have been associated with STOP-Zambia as a member in Mukonchi since it began in 2015. As a farmer and member of my community, I am always passionate about helping vulnerable older people around me. So, the coming of (STOP-Zambia) made it easier for me to reach out to more older people and their families. The passion, commitment and dedication of its leadership and members towards helping our parents and grandparents really makes me happy."
Mr Dominic Raven
- Farmer and Member of STOP-Zambia

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who are fully devoted to our cause for the aged

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Social Networks

To be a leading, fully established and self-sustaining organization that promotes the welfare and well being of older people in all parts of Zambia.