Current Strategic Direction

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Current strategic direction

Strategic Programes

Older persons in Zambia enjoy an improved standard of living.

Expected Results

  • Increased access to clean drinking water
  • Improved hygiene and access to sanitation
  • Improved nutrition
  • Reduced morbidity and mortality rates
  • Safe, decent housing and living environment
  • Improved, climate-smart
    methods of agriculture
  • Improved crop yields
  • Improved food and nutrition security
  • Improved beliefs and practices regarding the natural environment and use of natural resources
  • Reduced illiteracy levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sources of income
  • Reduced poverty levels
  • Reduced levels of destitution
  • Improved household income
  • Improved care
  • Improved social protection for
    older people
  • More age-inclusive policies
  • Strengthened inter-generational solidarity
  • Improved respect for the rights of older persons.
  • Improved civic participation of older persons
  • Strengthened legal framework for older persons’ protection and well-being

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To be a leading, fully established and self-sustaining organization that promotes the welfare and well being of older people in all parts of Zambia.

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