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Support To Older People -Zambia (STOP-Zambia) is an organization established under the NGO Act of 2009, Registration Number RNGO/101/0546/15.

It was registered on 26th December, 2015 in response to the National Ageing Policy by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, which called for concerted efforts from stakeholders to holistically address the various social and economic challenges faced by the majority of Zambians as they grow older.

STOP-Zambia started with interested persons who independently supported the vulnerable people in their communities and in the process discovered that within the group of the vulnerable, the majority were older persons who were faced with uncertainties and difficulties due to lack and in some cases limited access to basic needs and social services.

There was also a realization of the need to supplement the existing efforts of the organizations of senior citizens by mobilizing the younger generation in fighting the cause of the older persons.

Thus, a group of young and middle age individuals with passion to alleviate poverty and other socio-economic challenges among the older persons came together and agreed on the common goal to form an organization that could implement activities that can change the attitudes of the citizens towards the ageing population in order to render them the support they deserve from their families and the community and enhance the capacity of the older persons to help themselves to come out of the predicaments they are facing.

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To be a leading, fully established and self-sustaining organization that promotes the welfare and well being of older people in all parts of Zambia.

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