What We Do

We advocate for the rights and wellbeing of all older persons through policy engagement and dialogue

We undertake and support research and analysis on ageing and older persons’ situation as well as on laws, policies and programmes meant to uplift the wellbeing of older people to inform our advocacy

We build capacities of the younger generation, older persons themselves and public officials on ageing and older persons’ issues as well as disseminate critical information to the public to raise awareness on the rights and plight of older persons

We provide, within our means, direct services to older people as well as their dependents in areas of need such as food and nutrition, water and sanitation, housing, access to health services and care

We work with older persons themselves and their communities to hold government accountable by monitoring government provision of social protection and other basic social services to older persons and their households

We provide training to older persons and/or their dependent youth in entrepreneurship skills and support and facilitate older persons’ access to credit for their group and individual income generation to support their livelihoods

We promote and facilitate direct, active participation of older persons and their proxies in policy formulation, development planning and budgeting at local community, district, provincial and national levels through existing government structures, platforms and processes

In line with the principle of intergenerational solidarity and our ‘whole-family, whole-community approach’ we mobilise the younger generation and communities to render support to older persons around them

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To be a leading, fully established and self-sustaining organization that promotes the welfare and well being of older people in all parts of Zambia.

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