Promoting the welfare and wellbeing of Older People

Our Mission

"We promote and protect the rights and welfare of older people through mobilizing the young generation, communities, and public, private and cooperating partners for support"

Our Motto

“Ageing with Dignity and Honour”

Our Vision

A nation where older people are happy, healthy and productive; enjoying an improved standard of living.

Our History

Support To Older People-Zambia (STOP-Zambia)is an organization established under the NG Act of 2009, Registration Number RNGO/101/0546/15. It was registered on 26th December, 2015 in response to the National Ageing Policy by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, which called for concerted efforts from stakeholders to holistically address the various social and economic challenges faced by the majority of Zambians as they grow older. STOP-Zambia started with interested persons who independently supported the vulnerable people in their communities and in the process discovered that within the group of the vulnerable, the majority were older persons who were faced with uncertainties and difficulties due to lack and in some cases limited access to basic needs and social services.

At STOP-Zambia, we pride ourselves on quality of service and life changing work that is informed by research and analysis, strong community presence based on active interaction with Older People themselves and their families, buoyed up by strong youth and community mobilization to provide the support Older People require and deserve.



Our Values

All the people should have opportunities to be actively engaged in their own welfare and development. STOP-Zambia shall strive to ensure that every older person has the opportunity to live interdependently with family and community.

Passion for Older People drives our goal to improve the quality of lives of the vulnerable Older People, mostly and mistakenly thought of as unproductive.

STOP-Zambia shall challenge all forms of discrimination against older people, STOP-Zambia shall challenge disadvantage experience by older people. STOP-Zambia shall strive to ensure that every person has the right to equal access to services according to the ageing policy and shall value the diversity of people of all ages.

Wellbeing of Older People can be achieved through engagement with Government, communities, families, faith-based organisations, the private sector and mobilizing of the younger generation in improving the welfare of older people.

STOP-Zambia shall promote the maximum participation of Older People in all aspect of our work. STOP-Zambia shall listen to all people and shall adopt the highest standard of service to users of our services.


The areas of intervention of STOP-Zambia will be designed for the improvement of Older People’s livelihood through community intervention and empowerment not only for the day but for the future; thus, the causes of the challenges of the Older People will be addressed from the source.

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2019 - 2023

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To be a leading, fully established and self-sustaining organization that promotes the welfare and well being of older people in all parts of Zambia.

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